'ARMAGEDDON' published an exclusive calendar for 2017 !
The calendar is featuring the album 'TRIPTYCH', digital printing, A3+ format, binded with black spiral. You can order it using e-mail address: info@armageddon.rs

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It consists of 2 audio discs and a DVD video disc.

CD1 "Time Machine"
is remixed second album ARMAGEDDON's "United Forces" with several previously unreleased songs. To remind you, the "United Forces" was originally released only on cassette in 1994. Now all the songs from that album are postproduced, prearranged, and some are even recorded again !

CD2 "Triptych"
consists of three parts: 1. Remastered EP "Return to Eldorado", with completely new versions of the songs "Eldorado" and "The City in the Sea", 2. Live album "Live after Halloween" 3 . Single "Back to Elfish Land" in the neo-classical acoustic version.

CD3 is actually a Live DVD video of the concert "Live after Halloween"

For details follow our website and our FB profile.

'ARMAGEDDON' has published new album 'SAND OF TIME'
- an online edition published on the portal 'Serbian Metal Portal'.
It is available for a free download here.

ARMAGEDDON as a support for SABATON
Sabaton, Armageddon & Wisdom:
Punching barriers. Literally !

Report HellyCherry portal (serbian language)

ARMAGEDDON as a support for SABATON
Sabaton - Battle for Belgrade
Report NOCTURNE music magazine (serbian language)

ARMAGEDDON as a support for SABATON
Awesome Sabaton conquers Belgrade
Report BalkanRock portal
(serbian language)

Highslide JSNew single is out: 'MAGIC STAR’
Singl is published online on Serbian Metal Portal,
contains two songs and can be downloaded for free from their website !

Download single by following this link

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support group for SABATON !

Concert will be held
on 08. 02. 2016. in Belgrade.

New album is released:

ARMAGEDDON has released new album
which represent remixed and extended version
of the original "Eternal Mystery 'release

New album is released: "Doomsday Concert" !

• CD + DVD • Booklet 20 pages • Sticker gift • Leaflet
• Posters and ticket from the concert
• 80 minutes of top-produced live music on a CD
• 120 minutes of various matherials on a DVD (bonuses, interviews
   after the concert, photo gallery, album covers gallery).

Best arranged CD in history of Serbian heavy-metal !

Order new "Doomsday Concert" album and get EP "Eldorado" by a promotional price !
Posters number is limited so don't hesitate to order !

Keep fighting for metal !

"ARMAGEDDON" had a concert in November 2013 !
"Armageddon" was playing in the Heavy Metal Festival on
01.11. and 02.11.2013. in the club "Quarter", Novi Sad,
Despota Stefana Boulevard no. 5.
In this Festival were also playing the giants of heavy metal scene
of Novi Sad, bands "Annathema" and "Phenomena".